Discover the Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood!  The home of artists and artisans and peoples of an independent slant! Location of fine boutique shopping, regular, apartment and alternative art galleries, green spaces, historic architecture and more.


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This site is owned and managed by Sapere Group Holdings, Inc and Sapere Art in the Flat Iron Arts Building at 1579 N. Milwaukee Avenue. It is an individual endeavor and ‘grass roots’ with no fancy employees to make it ‘real pretty’ and is meant to further foster business for local artists and all forms of galleries within the  Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods.  Afterall - that’s what this neighborhood’s history is...a lot of peoples’ individual efforts and contributions.

Why no “Bucktown” in the name?  Its long enough as it is and Wicker Park - IS the heart and longtime historic location of working artists in Chicago.

Currently inclusion is totally a courtesy to those listed. Information on this site  is pulled from various web sources and the accuracy of said information is the responsibility of the business listed to correct, not that of Sapere Art..  Any omission is due to either time or available information.

Sapere Art makes NO warranties, promises, nor accepts any liability for any persons use of any business listed on this site.  

Want to be listed?  Send business name, URL to your website,  address and contact info/email/phone number to us.. If a restaurant - send us your city search review site -

Currently those businesses which are more “service” oriented, are not included.  Our current goal is to show Wicker Park off to those who might venture here, that demographic usually doesn’t need a dentist, or will be buying insurance...but if those businesses wish to purchase an ad to show support for the Artists and Galleries in ‘da hood - certainly contact us.

Want your art event listed?  Get it on Artslant - at - if there is a better site, and the code is available to filter the information, let me know!.

Sapere Art will make no changes unless given to them by email to info AT   

Restaurant reviews are linked to CitySearch Chicago, if you don’t like your reviews, contact them, better yet  fix what might be wrong.  We might add others such as Yelp or Metromix as we work things out.

Since this program is driven by a database of information, any serious changes,  corrections (not under our control) and just general cry babying will just get you deleted out of ease.  

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